OBIO® At A Glance

Advancing Our Competitive Edge in Health Technology Innovation And Commercialization


The Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO®) founded in 2009, is a not-for-profit, membership based organization engaged in  strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of Ontario’s human health science companies  positioning Ontario as a leader in the international marketplace. OBIO advances this goal through collaborative partnerships with industry, the investment community, academia, patients and  government.

OBIO led the Ontario Bioscience Economic Strategy Team (OBEST®) in developing a province-wide strategic vision for addressing key issues such as capital access, capabilities/people, innovation adoption, market receptivity and export. The OBEST strategy is the catalyst that continues to be refined — guided by the priorities identified by OBIO’s Members. OBEST touches all that OBIO delivers to support a sustainable health science sector that creates jobs, attracts expertise and improves health outcomes while building a prosperous economy in Ontario and Canada.


OBIO’s access to capital initiatives advance policies and programs designed to increase investment in the Ontario health sciences sector. The Capital Access Advisory Program (CAAP®) provides strategic guidance to  enhance the venture-readiness profiles of Ontario companies. The CAAP international advisory network includes senior members of the venture community and successful health sciences executives. OBIO’s Pre-Capital Access Advisory Program (Pre-CAAP®) program operates upstream of CAAP and benefits companies currently raising “seed” or later rounds of financing. In 2017, OBIO launched the Health to Business Bridge (H2BB™) program to support development of business-trained talent across Ontario’s health science sector.


OBIO offers numerous ‘interconnectivity’ related activities that bring together people in the fields of industry, academia, government and the investment community for networking and learning over meals, at workshops and events. Cross-stakeholder experiences allow people to share knowledge and ideas, solve problems, and advance a shared vision of a fully-functioning ecosystem in which companies are founded, operate and grow.


OBIO’s recent reports “Use It or Lose It”, “Tackling the Anchor Company Challenge” and “How Canada Should be Engaging in a $9 Trillion Dollar Health Economy” contain actionable solutions to achieve health and economic benefits for Canadians. OBIO continues to work with stakeholders to develop policies that will revitalize market conditions for a thriving industry. OBIO’s MPP Health Science Caucus meets regularly to discuss the environment for Ontario’s  health science industry, as well as advancing OBIO’s policy initiatives.


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