Health Science Insider™ (OBIO Strategic Review: July 2016)

2016 has already been a productive year for OBIO as we push forward in our advocacy efforts, expand our Health Science networks and partnerships and continue to provide access to capital for Ontario Health Science companies in order for them to reach the next level.

Our bi-annual review aims to summarize OBIO's accomplishments over the past 6 months.   We use these pages to present our Health Science Industry Events, our Government Advocacy work at all levels of government, the OBIO Team, the OBIO CAAP Community and to keep you informed of substantial up-coming events. 

At OBIO we are committed to building companies, building the industry and an environment where businesses can thrive.  Every meeting, every event and every publication is strategically thought through to meet our vision and fulfill our mission.

Thank you all for being part of the OBIO Community!

Gail Garland
President & CEO


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