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OBIO Technology Early Adoption (TEA™) Program

The “Technology Early Adoption Program” (TEA™) is a new and innovative offering from OBIO® that partners companies developing technologies that are ready for adoption with end-user healthcare organizations.


The TEA program accepts applicants based on the readiness of both their technologies and their organization. The application process will select for companies that are prepared to have their technologies evaluated in a health organization setting and whose technologies will provide value as measured against the quadruple aim of health care.

Program supports

Successful applicants will receive financial, advisory and networking support.


OBIO will work with companies who are invited into the program to find a healthcare organization to partner with to evaluate the technology over a 12-month period.


Applications for the OBIO TEA program will open soon. Sign up below to receive updates or email David Singh at OBIO, davidsingh@obio.ca.